Monday, February 25, 2013

Skating Adventure

Skating did not seem like a good idea with three little ones who have never skated before in their lives. In fact I even tried to chicken out on my friends who had invited us:) To my amazement it actually turned out great. Helena and David both skated without holding on to mom! John Paul on the other hand decided he needed to be held the whole hour and a half, but that was better than running around and getting into trouble, so it all worked out. The skating rink employees even taught the kids a little lesson on skating and played games with them and at the end they even got a snack. I had two worn out kiddos at the end of the day! Awesome!
                                                     Look Mom! We are on our own!
                                                    If only they were always this cute!
                                                     David in motion. He was really focused!
                                                    Helena playing the game.( You had to hold out your arms)
                                                 Wow! he really looks like Daddy here!

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