Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day

Finally the day we had been waiting for weeks to come has arrived. The kids were so excited. The boys decided they wanted to dress up like little cat A and B after Daddy read them "The cat and the Hat comes back" I thought they were going to be thing one and thing two but Helena wanted them to all be cats.......of course! The day started out to be a little bit hectic getting everyone dressed in their cat in the hat attire and be over to our friends for the party by 9 . My very prolific party planning friend had the party over at her house. I thought it was an awesome success. I know my kiddos had a blast!!!
   Little Cat A and of course the famous Cat in the Hat! We made the hats out of paper plates and posterboard. The white tummy part, bow, and tail were felt. We got black sweats on sale at wal mart for $2.00 The kids were so proud of their costumes!
                                                            Still sleepy Little Cat B

                                                Helena in front of the party table! Yay we're here!
                            Thing 1 and thing 2 cupcakes that Miss Tracy made! Awesome! This pic does not do them justice

                                                                The Party table !

                                            Listening to green eggs and ham. ( I think)
                                                          Oops bad picture :)
Miss Tracy even dressed up! She is so cute!
              Explaining the game . The kids had to go around and find the other half of the green eggs and match up the rhyming words on them!

                                                        David found boat goat.....nice face!

 Paul was just chilling on the floor with cat in the hat while the others played games

     Tracy made a green eggs and ham chart. Amazingly almost everyone thought they would like green eggs and ham!!!

                            Coloring green eggs and ham placemats. Even Paul joined in!

     Playing another green eggs and ham game. The kids had to roll rhyming dice to earn green eggs for their plate!! Helena was really good at it
                                           Green eggs and ham! My friend Jodi did an awesome job!!

             We do so like green eggs and ham we like them sam i am......cant believe my kids ate this!!!

we read the book "The Cat and the Hat" then the kids painted picture frames. Helena did an awesome job!!!
                                    Playing Dr. Suess book matching game

                                      Tracy thought of everything even the fish tank!!!
                             We graphed everyones favorite book.... I think the Lorax won!!!

 We played Thing 1 and Thing 2 sack races . I made these out of felt. And the hair was posterboard it was too cute!!!

                            Cat in the hat banana and strawberry sticks. Yummy JP was very proud of his!
                                                         Helena and David eating theirs

               They made these too at some point in the day! I messed up on the printing part... but they still turned out cute!

Oh! and I almost forgot! One of the best things was when we first got there Tracy took pictures of all the kids with all the "cat in the hat" stuff ......so cute! She even printed them out and put them in the frames they painted that day! What a special keepsake to remember a fun day!

               these are pictures of pictures with my pitiful camera! But I loved David's the most!

                                      They are perfect for my Dr. Seuss themed playroom!
                                                          We even got JP to lay down!

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